Bonsall Welldressing and carnival

on the cover :  Sparkle the barn owl

On the cover Sparkle the barn owl

picking daisies

Stephen picking daisies from the top lane

marking out

Helen uses a cocktail stick to draw in the lines of the design


the outlines are done using sunflower seeds

details of embedded colours

a detailed image of the use of different colours and textures to create an overall image you can Blipp this image for more.

another well in Bonsall

A small well dressing depicting a tree, positioned by a running brook you can Blipp this image for more.

learning the tradition

four year old Daniel is learning the art of welldressing for the first time

bumble bee 2015

a previous years welldressing, depicting a bumble bee

laughter at the well

people come and go over the duration of a week, each taking turns to work on the well dressing, whuch is located in a spare cow shed. you can Blipp this image for more.


Helen is the artist behind the well dressing on Pounder Lane. She organises the different colours and textures and makes sure that all volunteers have something to do that they enjoy.

the design

the laminated design of the barn owl sits on a chair to allow people to refer back to it for guidance on colouring and shading.

Sparkle the barn owl

the completed welldressing. Pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, aniseed and popcorn make up the face. Pine cones make up the wings, saisies make up the chest, hydrangea makes the pink pop out and the knapweed fills in the background and will bloom purple after two or three days. you can Blipp this image for more.

carnival puffer fish

two puffer fish that can be worn.

the chook

the giant chicken watches out over a stable door.

great great grandfather Willianm

The uniform of Great Great Grand father William who came to Bonsall over five generations ago. you can Blipp this image for more.

the poster

the chicken in the barn at night. you can Blipp this image for more.