The Birdmen

28 metre wing

A 28 metre wing span laid out by a corn field in summer 2017


assembly at last


Early competitions held in France to find human powered flight


Jupiter was one of the earliest British entries into human powered flight.


The first human powered flight from Crete to Santorini. Currently holds the world record for the longest human powered flight.


Zephyrous, Samuel Penny's first full sized craft and attempt at breaking the flight record at the Birdman of Bognor event on the south coast. Completed 35.5metres and won first prize in the Da Vinci class.

Sam in his garage

Sam Sits in his garage with one of the early wings under construction behind him for Zephyrous II you can Blipp this image for more.


Sam and Scott push the fuselage of Zephyrous II into place for the first time.

Epic wing span

The wings are covered in 0.25mm mylar and measure 28metres from tip to tip

a jig

Sam is forming the leading edges of the wings using this jig he made, which uses a heat gun to help the foam take its curved shape without breaking.

first spin

Sam and Scott finally get the propellor spinning for the first time. Six days to go until the competition. you can Blipp this image for more.


Stepped up to the plate when the Birdman event looked like it would be cancelled. She organised local press coverage and made sure it got enough publicity to secure the crowd funding and sponsorship needed for the event to run.

the old wooden stool

The old wooden stool has been a part of every project sam has worked on over the years. It is ever present at each step of the build.

Bognor Pier

Don't jump for fear of death you can Blipp this image for more.

The pier

Echoes of construction. The cross braces of the pier. you can Blipp this image for more.